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Meltblown nonwoven

Meltblown nonwoven products have a wide range of applications, including thermal insulation, oil absorption, air filtration, water filtration, medical materials, and composite materials. The main specifications are as follows:
  • Product specifications 20-25gsm*
  • Maximum width capacity: 1600mm
  • Other specifications can be customized according to customer request.
SCP020N175 SCP025N175
Basic Weight (gsm) 20 25
Pressure Drop (mmH2O) 2.0 2.0
Efficiency (%) 95.0 95.0
Test Flow (LPM) 32 32
Aerosol NaCl NaCl

Using extremely fine fibers to produce meltblown Non-Woven Fabric

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Production lines

Through the plate extruder, the molten molecules are squeezed into the high-speed hot air flow, then the polymer melt is spun out through the spinneret of the ultra-fine nozzle to form extremely fine fibers and blow it horizontally onto the drum or vertically to the collector filtered nets. They are stacked into a superfine fiber network structure.

The ultra-fine fibers of melt-blown non-woven fabrics are ideal for composite products that require filterability, shielding, thermal insulation, and oil absorption, such as mask materials, air, liquid filter materials, thermal insulation materials, insulation materials, sound insulation materials, environmentally friendly oil absorption materials, wipe cloth and other fields.  No matter what type of product you want to produce: we will assure providing you with the best quality technical services and equipment.

Maximize Production Applications

Extremely high filterability, shielding, heat insulation and adsorption, we provide this technology for all industries.  You will be able to produce meltblown non-woven fabrics suitable for your application.


Meltblown Technology

In the melt-blown manufacturing process, polypropylene is used as the main raw material to turn the plastic particles into a non-woven fabric web. The finished product is a melt-blown non-woven fabric with extremely high elasticity and excellent absorption properties.


Electrostatic Electret Technology

Using electrostatic electret technology, the static electricity is attached to the fibers of the melt-blown non-woven fabric, the viruses and bacteria that penetrate the surface layer are adsorbed without increasing the air resistance. Under the premise of reducing the load of use, the filtering efficiency of masks and other filtering products is greatly enhanced.

Product Features
  • Suitable for The Production of Filter Layers with High Filtration Efficiency

    In meltblown processing, all filaments are stretched across the entire width of the mold at exactly the same temperature. Uniform stretching can maintain the same high fiber quality throughout the material web.

  • High Productivity

    Depending on the fiber diameter produced, a high output rate can be performed.  The polymer melt is spun out through multiple rows of spinnerets, with high production, low energy consumption, as well withstand higher spinning pressure.

Machine Specifications
Motor SIEMENS made in Germany
Gear box ZAMBELLO made in Italy
Screw diameter Ø 90 mm
Screw L/D ratio 32:1
Barrel temperature control 6 zones
Screen changer Dual-post, dual hole type, NORDSON made in Germany
Gear pump MAAG made in Swiss or NORDSON made in Germany
Output 60~80kg/hr
Meltblown Die width 1600 mm
Fiber fineness 2~5um
Auto feeding system 1 set
Aluminum web forming machine 1 set
Air heating system 1 set
Static Electret Charging Dual-electrets
Automatic surface winding unit 1 set
Electricity control system 1 set
Total weight Approx. 22 tons
Occupied ground area 15000mm × 6000mm × 6000mm ( L × W × H )
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